Packing and Moving Pro Tips
  • Get more boxes than you think you will need.
  • Pack books and heavy items in smaller boxes, bigger boxes for toys and lighter items.
  • Pack room-by-room, keeping similar items together.
  • Reinforce the bottom of boxes with at least 2 strips of packing tape over the seams.
  • Pack boxes completely to prevent contents from shaking around within the box.
  • Use crumpled paper for padding at the bottom and top of the box.
  • Seal boxes tightly with tape.
  • Pack records and CDs vertically in boxes. Don’t stack them flat.
  • Place heavier items in the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.
  • Dresser and bureau drawers may be left full of non-breakable items such as clothes and toys.
  • Remove lids from jars and ceramics and wrap each breakable separately.
  • Seal any opened boxes and bottles before packing them to avoid spills and leakage.
  • Use towels, linens, curtains, etc. to pad boxes of fragile items. Clearly mark these boxes “FRAGILE.”
  • If disassembling furniture, etc. put the hardware into a plastic bag along with assembly instructions and tape it onto
    the item itself. Handsome Dolly will be prepared to disassemble/ reassemble all common furniture on move day.
  • Make a master inventory of all household items and your belongings.
  • Number boxes when they are packed and sealed. Clearly indicate on the box its room destination.
  • Make a box of essentials and label it “Open Me First.”
    • Put this box to the side to be loaded last (so it’s unloaded first) or move it yourself.
    • Your Essential box will include: Basic tools such as flashlights, pocket knife, tape measure, and light bulbs Bathroom essentials such as a hand towel, soap, toilet paper, shampoo, and shower curtains. Kitchen items such as paper towels, coffeemaker and filters, paper plates, cups, utensils and trash bag.
  • Handsome Dolly will load rugs last so they can be the first items unloaded and placed at your new location.

Remember not to pack or lose track of your checkbook, purse, or wallet.

Other items not to pack: Any aerosol can including, but not limited to: Hair spray, Shaving cream, Deodorants, Insecticides, Cleaning products, Spray starch, Spray paint. Other flammable products: Oil- based paints, Gasoline, Kerosene, Tar remover, Matches, Ammunition, Paint thinners, Turpentine, Auto batteries, Lacquer remover, Bleach, Acids, Lighter fluid, Corrosives, Explosives, Nail polish remover, Lighters, Bottled gas. Any ammunition, firearms, illegal substances, or anything that may cause harm to your shipment.