A LETTER FROM THE OWNER — Or, Why You Should Hire Us


I founded Handsome Dolly Moving Company in 2017 after a decade’s experience of trucking in the NYC moving, film production, antique and auction industries.

We are a different kind of moving company:  We’re professional, affable, ethical and we get the job done, honestly and effectively. We’re not the biggest, but that’s our charm.  Pound-for-pound, we really are the best moving company in the five boroughs. We pride ourselves on our communication skills and making you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the relocation process.  By the end of the move, you will have been glad to have us as guests in your home.

As the Owner, I’m involved in every move. Moreover, the majority of the time, I’ll be spearheading your move, which means I will actually be in the truck, actually moving your furniture.  It’s this level of hands-on experience and customer service that sets Handsome Dolly apart from our competition. When you call our offices, you can rest assured that the person you speak to has actually moved furniture for a living.  I’ve driven the truck, I’ve packed the box, I’ve wrapped furniture, I’ve hoisted sleeper couches.   I’ve done every aspect of this job.  That’s what you get when you hire us.

Last, but certainly not least: the photos you see on this web site, these are actually guys that work for this company.  Unlike most moving companies, we don’t have stock photos of “relaxed families being boxed up” or “happy moving crews somewhere in Suburbia.”  These are actually the guys that work for me, and I’m proud to have them.  That’s why we pay our associates a living wage, almost 55% higher than the national average.  We are family.  That’s where our priorities lie.  Our people are our livelihood, so we hire good people.  And, as our reviews indicate, the proof is in the product.

Now, we know your time is valuable, so lets get to work.


Brad Saville

CEO, Handsome Dolly LLC

Owner / Operator, Brad Saville, with his 2nd truck, "Pauline"
Owner / Operator, Brad Saville, with his 2nd truck, “Pauline”